The Accidental Experiment

Well, I was a slightly above average healthy guy anyways for most of my life. I used to take pride in easily doing things what was almost impossible for a lot of folks around – being able to pick up running, climbing trees, swimming or kayaking in the open ocean, a 5 day strenuous hike and almost everything in between. But then, at that time, it was probably just the age being on my side – and I guess the genes.
But something happened about an year ago. In an effort to help out someone who really makes a difference in my life – my wife, I stumbled upon some things. I had a hazy introduction to “paleo lifestyle”. Although I don’t complete agree with it and have never followed it to the core, some of the concepts from that really struck a chord. Now, a little more than 18 months have been spent pouring over articles, medical journals, cutting edge scientific studies and traditional cooking and health concepts.

Life has never been the same again.
I made a failed attempt to capture my experiences in a blog earlier. But I guess it was a wrong format and subject. This is an attempt to re-envision how I want to spread the word about things that have helped me and my wife towards a better quality life and health.

I am now trying not to rant myself but then to substantiate what I say with specific studies. In reality, I now want this  blog to be a collection of some of the prominent articles and studies that I read and my opinions and interpretations of those. Hopefully, in the process, helping anyone who might be interested in applying the lessons to their own life, helping make some changes towards a better health.

In a nutshell, I would love to see this evolve as a social experiment where my readers can try out things and post their experiences, comments, opinions or even further studies and analysis on what I post. Thus, creating a small community of everyone who is interested in anything about health. It need not just be food and nutrition, I am also interested in the mind-body experience as well as exercise and its impact on the body. So multiple views are welcome on each of the topics.

Lets begin a social experiment!


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