What makes Olga run?

Somewhere hidden beneath the glamorous world of sports is the not so glamorous track and field for older athletes. On these tracks you would see people who are in their 70s, 80s or possibly even 90s. Olga Kotelko was one such competitor of this sport. Last week, Olga passed away at her home in Canada at the age of 95 – still competing on the track.

An interesting thing about Olga is that she actually started with sports after she was 77 years and retired from a regular school teacher job. Not just that, after starting track and field events, she broke over 26 world records and won over 500 medals across the world. Now that is something to really think about. Its never too late to start something and excel at it. Be it intense physical activities.

When she was alive, the Canadian author Bruce Grierson explored this fantastic career with help of several researchers to understand what made Olga perform so amazingly well at such a later point in her life. Perhaps, in there might lie a key to what might enable all of us to explore our inner passion in the golden years?

I am starting to read his book “What makes Olga Run“.  Hoping it might help me instill some qualities that can help haul a little bit longer? Do get a copy and go through it. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts.


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