Slow the aging – AMP(K) up your excercise

Earlier this week, I read about a gene that biologists have identified; a gene that slows down the aging process. The news about this research was reported in ScienceDaily and it references the actual research that was published on Basically, the expression of the APMK gene helps the body figure out how the energy within the cells needs to be used. The activation of AMPK determines the cell autophagy – which basically means how the cells will die and how will they be recycled within the body. The discovery goes a long way to assist in arresting or even reversing the progression of the diseases. The article in ScienceDaily however does not call out any specific measure that you can take up right now to activate the AMPK expression for yourself.

That’s where I wanted to start with this article. The AMPK gene has been studied a bit in the recent past specifically for type II Diabetes. There are a few mechanisms for activating AMPK that have been studied and can be used today to get the age defying benefits –

1) Exercise – Its probably not very surprising, but exercise – especially high intensity interval training is very helpful in boosting the AMPK. This study measured the impact on APMK for moderate to high intensity swimming. So the age old belief of exercising for health and longevity does have some meat after all.

2) Thermogenesis – Another study has seen the impact of thermogenesis on AMPK and found it to be very helpful there. Thermogenesis refers to helping the body generate heat. this can be provided by external factors such as the extra long sauna sessions.

How about combining high intensity exercise along with thermogenesis (probably on rest days)? From the way I see it, that might be the best combo to fight aging.


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