Bodyweight Workouts

Over 90% of the new year resolutions involve getting fitter or getting back in shape as one of the goals. OK, I just made up that statistic, but then I guess the numbers are not very far from the truth. One of the primary reason why most people fail to keep up with this resolution is the lack of time. Well it essentially boils down to how much you prioritize health and fitness over other things – but eventually it all comes down to time.

As some of you are already aware, I was in process of setting up an online community of folks interested in performing body weight exercises. The idea here is that we setup exercises twice a week. Simple exercises that work the whole body out. Each of these exercises will have three different levels – Level 1 for basic and Level 3 for advanced. Once you are a part of the community, you can choose your level for each exercise and perform the exercise at your own time and in your own space. At the end of it, all you do is post a comment with the Level attempted and the time it took. Possibly also some details that might help motivate others or help you measure your own progress. No thinking about what to workout. No driving to the gym. Just get in and do the workout posted.

Most exercises are fairly basic and do not need a lot of equipment except for a pull-ups bar or a set of gymnastic rings or a box or a stool for jumps. I will put some links on the community page to where you can get some of these items at a fairly good price. A lot of these workouts are also inspired / adapted / borrowed from the conditioning part of well established regimens such as CrossFit and Calisthenics. So we know they work!

So there we go – no equipment, quick exercises, only twice a week and a community of right minded people to help you be on track. Hopefully, this helps you keep on track with the fitness resolution this year.

To join this group, all you have to do is go ahead and like the Bodyweight WODs Facebook page @

This will ensure that you get the latest exercises for the week on your wall as and when they are posted. I already have the exercise for this week posted there. Try it out and let the community know that you are up for a challenge this year!


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