Your Get Fit Community in 2015

Yesterday I blogged about the Bodyweight workouts and also started the facebook community page for Bodyweight Workout WODs so that we all can take the get fit commitment head-on this year – Together. Join the page today to get started with your GetFit commitment. Do it with your community.

How it works

Twice every week, we post a workout to the community page. The first workout is posted on a Monday and second one on Thursday. Each of us performs the first workout between Mon – Wed & the second One between Thu – Sunday. We workout only twice a week and provide ample time for rest and recovery. But during the workouts, make sure that you push yourself!

Each workout will be graded with Levels 1,2 & 3. These are in ascending order of difficultly. The Level 1 is usually designed for someone with a fair level of fitness. So there might definitely be times when Level 1 itself is difficult for some people. In such cases, it is perfectly OK to scale it further down. Cut the reps in half. If doing pull-ups, use a tension band for assistance. If doing push-ups, start on the knees instead of full push-ups. There are many ways to scale the workouts depending on the exercise that you are doing. Scaling it down is perfectly fine and acceptable. At the end of your workout, post a comment on the workout that you are done. Possibly with additional details like time took, level attempted, how you feel at the end of it. Make sure to provide any progress you’ve made from the last attempt – this helps get the most needed encouragement.

The whole idea here is to start building up the strength and conditioning required to get to Level 1 and consecutively to Level 2 & Level 3 workouts. Every workout has a name and we will be cycling between multiple such named workouts. You can use this to track your own progress. What level was attempted the last time you did the same workout? Are you doing better now? What was your last time for the specific workout and specific Level? Have you improved on that? This is a great self feedback and helps you get better with time.

So go Get Strong and Get Fit this year. Use the community to Get Inspired, Be Accountable and Foster a Healthy Competition!

Have a great 2015!


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