Racing for Autism

Some of you are aware that I will be participating in the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships this year. In the October, as temperatures begin to fall, I will be navigating over 60 obstacles spread out on 10 miles of hilly terrain outside of Cincinnati, OH to compete with some of the toughest athletes from over 16 countries around the world. This is a military style obstacle course that includes climbing, crawling, carrying weights over distances, running, balancing, hanging and so much more!
In the recent past, I was fortunate enough to be interacting closely with several children who were on varying degrees of autism spectrum. It does not take a long time to understand the obstacles that they have to tackle on a daily basis for activities that most of us would consider a normal life.
I intend to use this opportunity that I got to help raise money that would go towards making a differences in lives of autistic kids. I am working with a charity (Akhil Autism Foundation) that is helping transform the communication for these children and helping them socialize. Specifically, I am involved with their Stencil project that uses Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) to communicate and educate autistic children. The cost of getting this stencil to one child is $25. I have a goal this year to help make this available to at least 100 children. Thus far, we have been able to raise enough funds for 40 children and have 60 more to go.

In case you are interested, here are some videos that would help you understand this better.

Any amount you can give helps in the bettering lives for these children. I greatly appreciate your support.

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