This blog is a reflection of some of my thoughts and knowledge gained in last two years. By no means am I a doctor or a learned health professional. This is just something that I learnt myself after a lot of self-learning – especially from reading a lot of research papers / articles and studies in the health, nutrition and fitness world.

Everything that I write here, is what I would personally follow. Having seen some incredible results with complex health conditions with some of the these insights, the thoughts and information expressed in this blog is also a testimony to the democratization of the health and medical information and how it can be used by the individuals in the best interest of their own.

In the last two year, I have never ever relied on a magazine article to tell me what to do. I have always relied on my interpretation of the research data that I read. Although this blog will link out and present you all such data, I urge you to use your understanding and judgment in following this. By no means is this blog supposed to help resolve a medical condition or provide a diagnosis. Every individual is unique and hence the data and information provided here should be carefully analyzed for your own condition before applying anything in your life.

Have a healthy, zealous life



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